Foregone Howls

Memories that ring true 
Of yesterdays,

a stream of recollections sieving through   

a First of recurring blows placed 

on the occipital core, 

The shatter post contact still rings slow

After that and so many more, 

A scheme to entrench discipline through and thorough,

Damaged the might of a few squabbling cubs 

Buried within layers of secrecy 

A cover for a tainted reality

Of a past blistering man’s dignity 

Awash with coated fantasies 

Of exploits unbarring great misfortunes 

Hastens the traces of unforgiving hearts 

In anguish unleashing it’s forbidden traits 

Tomorrows always come to be 

Drenched in short spans of its past 

Recollections chipped away with winds that run south 

With every passing full moon, 

The howls fade to the glistening grace of meteors

Till the nights run silent 

And the forest embraces the passing of its agony. 



Seep Through This

A tiredness that rips through cores


arresting the shrugs of movement 


Trapped by a bearing unletting 

Of a world free and restless 

Muted and unforgiving 

For each day watered down  

Pains of labour unhealed

For Sweat turned futile 

State of mind Unhinged 

For drops turned crystal

To pieces as it kisses ground 

Feelings that lay barren 

Of a lover’s rejection 

Or a sour conviction 

Condemned the unrequited 

To life in solitudinal grief 

Dear Mama, 

Do not resound this curse 

Lower the pace of your heartbreak 

For blossoms do not bloom all year 

For Seeds are sown to revolt against their roots 

Cradled rebellion from inception 

Seep through this too 


There was a People

Perhaps this is where I belong 
Amongst shattered dreams and denied hopes 

Scourging heat and heavy falls 

Burn strokes and deep floods 

Forced poverties and closed roads 

Decimated paths and broken hearts 

A place where eyes do not meet 

So guilt remains grounded 

And pain leaves a trace in the stares of the forsaken 

Masked faces that need no burden 

Unworthy of humanity’s unraveling 

Stones their hearts remain 

A place where they pluck the petals and lay thorns as they match on

Bellies expand 

Not enough roses to fill their voids

Like an oversized pair of jeans 

Stunned by anorexic egos 

A place where they chase out the truth to paint over with coated mistruths

Reality dismissed 

And God takes the fall for their absurdities  

Thunder that never strikes 

Like a myth an ending becomes 

Her Past Hour 

When the ashes beat the wind 

Not many sweet things will they utter 

For her tone was harsh, and pierced through the guards they assembled 

She disbelieved in coated rhythms so her revelations swirled naked 

Though her depth was well within known limits, the pillars remained fortified across ranges,

Flawed and profound 

Not many sweet things will they utter, 

For she burned in angst, and her fire was witnessed,

A trepidation she foresaw, so her dance she cut short,

Though her sanity withered as they seeped away the voices from her lungs

Her sight remained lucid 

Tired and True, 

Though they will not utter many sweet things, 

she persists 

The Blackhole

Your soul’s being seeped out of its embodiment,Taking two steps forth without consciously moving your ground,

Watching the way their lips danced without comprehending their noise,

Longing for your input so you blink as your heart’s gone thither,

Seated by the corner, drenched in a darkness, or is it your shadow, struggling for a welcome back, but something feels broken inside of you, fragments trapped outside of you, something doesn’t feel right, and it feels as though you don’t have much time, pieces displaced and can’t find their way back home.

But you have to plug the leak before it erodes all that exists.

Where’s it coming from ? You’re the physician, a mechanic, your fixer now

Do you know you well enough to block off the leakages,

Or will you have to lace every inch with poultice till the void is healed by chance.

Or it’s desecration by the rusts enabled by the ticks, and the tock that devours a second coming

You’re trapped in a maze, fading into oblivion,

Are you cursed by the gods or a reality you reject ?

End Of The Line

Drunken and distraught, wide awake, teetering off sanity’s pave 

The hard liquor bottle turns clear 

Nearing emptiness, of soul and rocks   

Pain that lingers 

Anew with the last chug 

Icy floor, face down drowning in tears and sweat,

Bruised and broken 

Bloodied by a fist so mighty and raw 

Strangled by a mute reality 

A reverse of a parallel universe 

A past irreversible 

Fast rewind to right before the muscle tension 

Before the limb landed 

Before the rumble between two stars 

The explosion of the expelled now dead star 

Choking off the missed lanes 

Wrong turns,

Noosed in staring down at a pool of regret 

Compressed airways, 

Withering breath,

Twitching feet,

Circling ’round a live cemetery ,

Momentary respite,

a note slips from the grip

As she finds release

Breaking Free

At an impasse

boxed in and juxtaposed by societal rot

Strained his head but the voices pierced even deeper 

A thirst of light for the dark had become vicious

He alone envisioned a world beyond the cosmic beams 

Free his soul to radiate as he ravelled in solitude

sleepless nights recurring night after night , 

Time after time, inaction turned impossible,

Broke down to break through, breaking away to break the rusty chain of conformation 

an outcast he’s become 

Stood straight to stand out in the shed 

dared to cross the line of fire 

And into the light on the night of luminaria …

You With No Identity 

You with no identity 
Of thoughts awakening my conscious

Deepening affections unfathomable 

At dusk, twinkles of your soul

 Tickle the core of my deep hue 

With no face,

Of touches trickling through my nerves  

Sparks gushing across my streams 

From the back of my palm, caresses strike your lush cheeks,

Hairs stand on both of ours 

eyes lost in the sanctity of our company 

With no voice, 

Of whistles softer than a nightingale 

A song, melancholy of love 

Slipping through your lips 

As sweet as a glistening sunrise 

With no name,

Of whispers louder than the echoes  

With no sound bustling as though Exorcised 

Pierced silence clench deeper,  

A blasted muteness absolving the cosmos 

With no scent,

Of breeze riddled with your fragrance 

Undulating across tides and meadows 

With every drop of rain, tossed Billow of glacier

Emanating from earth’s core

With no being, 

Of radiance illuminating the vast horizon 

Scintillating through our whole being 

Fused elements of our existence 

Emitting flares of an explosive love

Untitled Poetry

A fallacy, pretentious and normalised 
Innately defined of which claims reality rejects 

Encloses the screams of forced commitments,

Despair remains silenced, 

No one wants to be here 

But they can’t cut off their limbs, or switch lanes

No one’s done it without spiralling out of existence 

Struck by constant revulsion on sight 

Strings of sanity sieved from the sheaths of the conscious

The urge to assuage loneliness cruelly descending in deepened solitude 

Soft hearts turned stone

Apathy dissipates 

Boxed in, then locked out

Great walls erected to impede deserting  

Bricks piling on as bloodied fists and claws scrape to break them down 

Grid never empties as more piles descend 

a game only over when agony triumphs 
Or maybe when the soul breaks free to dance with the stars

Nature with all its might (2.0)

I’m the river that runs dry throughout the year in the Sahel, 
I’m the tree from which you cut down to recreate , 

I’m the sun that sets in the west and rises from the East in the wake of the dawn,

I’m the moonshines that light up your darkness when the tears dry up,

I’m the streams along the nile that drive the thirst back to dead waters , 

I’m the blooming white verbana when the ray of the sun hits through , 

I’m the stings that pollinate the spawn seeds on the meadows, 

I’m the flakes that form snow blankets concealing the crevasses,

I’m the desert sand that burns and boils through the feet of a poor orphan child during the summer noontide , 

I’m the dirt on your path when the heavy drops hits the sands on a wet spring eve,

I’m earth’s concealed treasures you use to raise metal bars to guard your fears,

I’m the stones you collect to raise shelters that trap you together yet awfully apart 

I’m life’s seeds lashing on travellers of earth to disperse across state lines 

I’m the border crossings birds can’t see 

I’m the thorn that stands guard beneath the blooms of majestic roses

I’m the looming darkness that permits the hunter’s prey on the wildebeest

I’m aurora and my light will guide you through the northern lines 

I’m the purity of the breeze that slaps your cheeks over the eastern horizon 

I’m the eagle swimming across the dark clouds with its might awakening the strength in the weak, 

I’m the womb that carries the supposed stains but a new beginning, 

I’m the cries of the oppressed coming from the crumbles and the rubbles on a bloody night , 

I’m the hunger that keeps you awake piercing through the slums,

I’m the pain , the sorrow , the tears , 

I’m the broken pieces inside of you , 

I’m the washed out dreams, the stolen future, the lost hope, the dead ends. 

I’m the freedom you die fighting for . 

I’m the hope that lifts you up at dawn to thrive, 

I’m the dream that paddles its way to shore,

I’m the future, as bright as a supernova 

I’m the love, the passion, I’m your truth, the reason 

I’m the happiness you envision at the end of the line .

I’m nature with all its might, I am life.