We all have been through some pretty tough times; pain that was inflicted on us by those we loved and trusted the most. Sometimes it felt like our lives were truly over and nothing else mattered so we decide to bury ourselves in a dark hole. We build up walls to block everyone else out to avoid getting hurt. We start having some trust issues and it feels really good to have no one or feel like we have nothing to live for, just indifferent to anything that truly matters. Letting go of pain, hatred, and all the things it comes with, is not the easiest thing in life, Hate comes so easily to a close-minded person because they refuse to see the better brighter things in life. See I’ve been hurt by someone I loved and cared for the most and at that time, I felt like hating that person and blaming every single bad thing that’s ever happened to me on them because then I would be taking the easiest route out of my troubles. I hated that person so much I wished very bad things upon them, I didn’t care, and I just wanted them to suffer as bad as i did. I mean, have you ever felt so safe with someone and revealed your deepest secrets to him or her and just happen to pick up on the story out there? Yes, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to love, trust or truly care for anyone else. But time passed by, and I needed to get my smile back. So, I decided to open my mind up to see and understand things in life very differently. I found happiness in forgiveness, forgiving in such a way that I let go of all the pain, the hate, and the mistrust. I decided to fight the demon that was creeping inside of me wanting to blow up and was so full of darkness. And I did, it was then I decided I wouldn’t stop loving no matter how many times I got hurt, but then I wouldn’t be reckless enough to let the wrong person in. I considered the experience to be a life lesson to me; I learnt so much from it and I don’t have any regrets about what I had to go through. Life happens, times like this you give it your all and strap up ready to fight back when you get pushed down to the ground, you keep your faith and stay hopeful for a better tomorrow. Life’s hard, you face obstacles every now and then, you get backstabbed, you get your heart broken, you have your family desert you, you look around and all your true friends aren’t there anymore, It’s never-ending . But that doesn’t mean you get to give up on yourself, you get back up and you fight off the demons. Grudges hold you back, and as long as you hold a grudge on someone, you can’t be completely happy. They say forgiveness is for the strong hearted and I do believe. Forgiveness is not very easy to come about but when you find it in your heart to forgive someone completely, you get your beautiful smile back and peace is restored in your mind, So forgive as much as you can, It only makes you stronger and better not weaker and bitter.

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