At the end of the line , comes emptiness , teetering at the edge of a sharp cliff, on the verge of falling to a bottomless pit that looks like a roller-coaster of mixed emotions and grief all the way down, you fall but you do not die , broken bones and superficial wounds , but you do not stop , loneliness and depression , but you do not cease to exist, drained and effortlessly tired , but you do not give up , deep scars and shattered hopes, but you do not lose faith, lost and empty, but you do not cave in. You crawl out of what seems like the core of darkness , you drag your weakened soul to the light , free from the prison’s somber, your eyes fill up with tears of joy at the end of a pained journey , a dove flying above high mountains lands and leans towards you , bows at the strength it sees in your eyes, takes off with it’s peace sign filling you up with hope, you finally open your mind up , your ability to stand straight lights up a way out for you . You go through the mazes of hardship losing yourself every time but your attitude doesn’t change , your sense of focus doesn’t get crooked, your heart doesn’t let you down, you’re determined, you keep pushing, and finally after striving for survival and the right to existence, you make it out on your way to find happiness, and love showers all on you, and then not just to exist but to live. You live to cherish every second of life knowing it’s worth. You believe , I believe in you , you’re a believer . Life is a blessing.