Tonight , I’m a believer in all things beautiful . When I wake up tomorrow , I might not feel the same way but I’m grateful for now . For The night that makes us open up our hearts and pump out as much love into the world to our greatest ability . The daylight that opens our eyes to see all the beauty in the world . The beauty in believing that humanity hasn’t died out , the beauty that brings back the love we are meant to have for each other , the beauty to see peace and liberty could be a reality , the beauty in freedom . For The light that pierces our souls and blinds out all the hate and all things hateful. The kindness that gives us hope to live in harmony with one another . To cherish time , To cherish our individual uniqueness as human beings , To cherish the little things that could appear unimportant but really are what makes the world go round and keeps it alive . So I say this , To Love .


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