I don’t belong here, I don’t belong on the Internet or living in the midst of skyscrapers, I don’t belong with these women wearing heels and matching clutches, I don’t belong in a room full of shallow beings who care more about what I look like rather than what I feel inside, I don’t belong in a world of capitalism and greed motivated by money, I don’t belong in a world so lacking in the sense of peace, harmony and true love. I belong somewhere easily defined to be lost , somewhere nature speaks to me , somewhere I can be myself and not be looked down on or up to , somewhere I would be in touch with my inner soul , somewhere far into the woods ,on high mountains or even on an island free from civilisation. I belong somewhere I would love truly and be truly loved , somewhere I am able offer my complete devotion , my spirituality , my individualism , my soul , my character , my humility to the most high . I may not be able to get there , but I’m trying to get there in Spirit .


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