Something That Has Passed

Just a moment ago, i was going through multiple folders on my computer looking for a school project file when i bumped into a file ” First Piece “. I opened it and it appeared to be the first scrappy piece i ever wrote. I started reading through it and even though i couldn’t remember when it was written, I felt it. I felt the gush of emotions i was going through when i wrote it, a depressing feeling. I felt sad for a few seconds because that is exactly how i felt at that moment. It was comprised of so much negativity, like i was breaking bit by bit but desperately trying to keep myself together. So, my first piece.

” Once, A very long time ago, The world was not as cold as it is today. Once I had a dream and it wasn’t too long ago, Once there was loyalty, there was compassion, there was true love, there was brotherhood, there was peace in the hearts, there was fidelity, there was honesty, there was a little bit of truth, there was good, there was kindness in the purest form, there was simplicity. Simplicity made life perfect, and people were content with what they had, they were content with the little beautiful things, they were content for they knew what they had, they were blessed and they didn’t take it for granted. Not so long ago I believed in so many things, I believed there was good in every one of us and all we needed was something to trigger that side, I believed hate could be eradicated, I believed love was all we needed, I believed we could change, I believed in humanity, I believed happiness was all we needed, I believed in the perfect life and it had nothing to do with money, I believed ultimate wealth was mere happiness and good health, I believed in too many of you, I believed together we could change the world but none of us was willing to, I believed in friendship and being there every minute for those people we cherish , I believed in loyalty no matter what , I believed , I believed there was true love out there because I felt it , that was a dream I might’ve lost, a belief I might never regain , a dream that might’ve been lost.. … I woke up in the middle of an ocean, looked up to the sky as I was drowning, struggled to make out alive, but reality and shattered dreams kept pulling me down, Praying, hoping for the shore, but this is not the end … This cant be the end I told myself, Hope hasn’t been lost, not completely. Our Faith keeps us going, Faith keeps us strong and as long as faith doesn’t get lost along the way, There is always hope and we will always find our way back to believing in all that we thought we had lost. “.

One thing i know for a fact is that I’m very happy i don’t feel the same way. I am grateful i don’t see life from that perspective anymore. That feeling is something of the past. Now i can see the stars shining so brightly.