By this time tomorrow , the APC would have already voted for their presidential candidate to take on The very incompetent President Goodluck Jonathan . For Nigeria’s sake, I hope it is General Buhari and I will try to explain why I chose him over the very competent Atiku. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. For example, in an organisation, managers confronted with problems within an organisation always research to find the very core reason behind a certain issue they face. Let’s say they find out that a certain process is built upon problematic sub processes. You don’t expect any good manager to ignore that faulty process and continue on a path as it is to try to achieve their organizational goals. No, they redesign the entire process from the bottom and they move up. Which makes sense if their main aim is to maximize the value of their organization. Same goes for Nigeria.

This country is built on corruption on every level in every institution, both public and private sectors , our military and security divisions, the justice department , every political position from local government Councillors to as high as the post of the president. As much as I admire Atiku’s campaign trail, it’s not the most ideal strategy to be adopted because you can’t continue building up a country when it’s foundation is rotten. Whatever you build upon it is bound to fall off because it can’t hold for long. For that I say Buhari is our man. A whole new foundation needs to be laid on with some key factors like transparency , integrity , anti-corruption , accountability and discipline. This will then pave a way to the effective development of Nigeria as a nation. People are asking whether Buhari is capable of leading Nigeria to where it should be, I say we’re not even the slightest bit close to reaching our potential, we haven’t even started and we don’t have a clue as to where we should to start from. We’re literally stuck as a nation. General Buhari is the only true presidential candidate proven to be incorruptible, a man with no tolerance for fundamentalism , very disciplined and educated enough to lead Nigeria to its full potential. Do not cast your votes based on your religious or ethnic sentiments because when it comes to electing the right person, emotional politics proves to be the one thing that keeps Nigeria down as a tribalistic nation. It’s our responsibility to vote wisely because at the end of the day, the development of Nigeria will not only benefit one person or one geopolitical region but Nigeria and Nigerians altogether.


2 thoughts on “Why General Buhari Is The Right Man For Nigeria

  1. Interesting read.

    Your write up epitomizes Nigerias primary problem, which is the growing urge to move from “1 to 100” within a twinkle of an eye.

    Corruption is everywhere, and has been very rampant in recent years. The entire world is crawling out of a recession that witnessed unprecedented levels of financial fraud across all economies of the world, well respected banks were bailed out by governments and fined billions of dollars, Nigeria inclusive.

    Nigerians don’t seem to understand what effects a recession has to economies. Simply put, imagine economies of the world represented by athletes in a 100 meter race, Hussain Bolt representing 1st world countries like United Kingdom, Germany etc, Tyson Gay representing USA. and Bash Ali representing Nigeria.

    But only this time all the athletes get amputated, one of their leg gets chopped off.

    Take 10seconds to phantom the effect that would have on the 100meters world record?

    Yes, that’s the kind of mess we are in. That’s what gave birth to the rise of the arab Spring and riot in london and yes Boko Haram.

    There’s a lot I can share with you, but it would all be pointless if you don’t “SEE IT”.

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