A few moments ago, I went looking for this course mate of mine, whom is also a good friend. We were meant to study for a test that was due to commence 2 hours later. Anyway, I walked into the computer lab and there she was, sitting with 4 other girls of different nationalities. I said hello to each and every one of them and sat down. I was amazed to find them talking about the tragic event that took place in Peshawar yesterday because girls, well especially the ones in my school just don’t talk about the global occurring events. As we were discussing the issue, we all condemned the vile acts of these terrorists that massacred over 132 innocent children in Peshawar yesterday and offered our deepest prayers. From there, we went on discussing politics and then religion. Two of us were Muslims , while other two were Christian Catholics and a Hindu. We spoke about how many of these invalid causes were as a result of misinterpretations in Islam. At first, all the other girls with little background about Islam seemed confused, asking questions about jihad and its sole meaning. Myself and the other Muslim girl made sure we explained the facts of it to our best of knowledge which left them in awe. The Catholics then went on to discuss the numerous allegations made against the last Pope that forced him to step down and also, the appointment of the new pope who turned out to be very saintly and incorruptible whom forced priests to adjust their high standards of living. And I happened to read an article a week ago, it mentioned that the pope hired a new secretary who found some millions of dollars stashed away and made it public knowledge. The Hindu girl told us about a priest that stole priceless idols from a very popular shrine in India two years ago then died the same day even before the items were discovered to be stolen. The conversation lasted a while.

The reason I decided to write about this amazing experience talking to people of different religious backgrounds, is that I felt something I never really thought about. Even though tolerance is one of my basic principles, I never quite understood the perception of people of different religious beliefs. I sensed intense faith in what they worship and I respected that. I sensed their belief in miracles just like I do, and the same way i denounce shameful acts of my religious counterparts, they did the same too. We all came to an understanding about each others beliefs without raising our voices or trying so hard to shove down our religion down the other person’s throats. It’s quite remarkable how much a group of people can achieve through peaceful dialogue and understanding, through lack of judgement and or belittling of one’s faith.


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