2000 souls were snatched away so brutally last week in one killing spree by the ever so evil Boko Haram members. Bodies piled up across the town of Baga in Maiduguri. Women, children for God’s sake and our men. Why has the world ignored the massacre in Baga ? Is it not newsworthy ?. Two thousand African souls and the world does not even bet an eye because African lives don’t matter. But that’s nothing new to us. Our own democratically elected president still hasn’t commented on the atrocious attack. Oh ! but he had lots of time on his hand to condemn the recently heinous attacks carried out by gunmen in France. Why should the world care when our own people don’t acknowledge the bodies piling up on our streets. Not one, or ten but 2000 people were killed, in the most ruthless way imaginable.

This has become a reality in Nigeria, new explosions and massacres every other day. You might ask what exactly the government is doing to tackle this bloody issue, well I’ll tell you , absolutely nothing, because it’s all about pushing campaign funds for their re-election this February. The same government that charged our under-equipped soldiers with mutiny to be executed by a firing squad for not embarking on a suicide mission to launch an offensive against the well-equipped Boko Haram terrorists. Our 234 girls are still not back to us and i promise you we will not get them back if we’re relying on the current GEJ administration. They are being used as suicide bombers in the Northern region of Nigeria. But do not worry, they will set up committees to look into the issue, always trust them to find new ways to embezzle Nigerian funds. This is not even the most of it. I am angry, furious and you should be too, so as long as you have a soul in you.

Oh Nigeria ! where are we headed ?

How many more people are we willing to sacrifice ?

When will we start caring enough to take a stand ?

Are we waiting for our families to be slaughtered before we act out ?

These so-called leaders of our nation hate us, it’s mutual. Its time for change. Its time to protect our children. Its time to protect our brothers and sisters across Nigeria, from the South to the East stretching out to the North. We are stronger together and we shall triumph over this evil that is, Boko Haram.



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