Yemen, More To It Than Just Bullets

I was seated in the movies watching fast 7 when I realised I was part of the bigger problem. In that moment, my problems went away and by my problems I don’t mean my personal problems but the overwhelming feeling that arises when I think of my country burning, going up in flames. After realising I had a smile on my face, I felt guilty of being happy when over 500 Yemenis have been killed in 11 days. Thing is, we forget about those suffering because we don’t know what it feels like to be in a war zone, to fear for our lives every single minute that passes, we don’t know what it’s like to feel hunger due to food shortages, we don’t know what it’s like to be wounded with no one to attend to us, we don’t know what it feels like to have to live in the dark and heat or cold because our power lines have been blown off. Like I once said to a friend of mine when she told me she doesn’t follow the news because it makes her sad, I told her to imagine over a billion others that ignore the news because they didn’t wanna feel down , or because it isn’t their people so it doesn’t concern them. And if only that billion changed their perspective from ” Me ”  ” My People ” to ” Our world ” and cared like their families were burning on the other side of the globe then we would have a billion more fighting for peace. Our world is crumbling into pieces, from Palestine to Kenya, From Nigeria to Yemen, from Burma to Ukraine. And this will not change till we learn to care for them as our people because we are human beings of the same specie. It doesn’t matter where they are from because they are people suffering and they are my people regardless of their race, religion or continent.
  Yemen might not be my birthplace but it is home. It is home because when I think about it, I think of love and the smiles I get from old people and children playing on the streets. Yemen taught me to spread my love farther into the seas, crossing borders and boundaries into multiple cities around the world, keeping it going. Yemen does not want your politics, it does not need your power struggle, it does not need your guns and missiles, it does not need your drones, it does not need to be your playground for a proxy war but your love, your roses, your prayers and well wishes. It’s been a long time Yemen but I promise I will see you again and peace will come. Peace and love trumps your bullets, your politics and destructive ideologies. Yemen will see peace when we exchange our bullets for roses , our rockets for smiles and our shields for love. Yemen will see peace again. Yemen will see peace again because it truly means more than just bullets and grenades but love and kindness.

Beyond Time

The beauty which we fail to see, the beauty we miss every day and night as we go about our business, the beauty we are blinded to. Just like a first kiss, my heart skips a beat whenever i watch this intoxicating time lapse video beyond time.