What Lies Beneath The Shadows 

He lived in the shadows for all he could remember, he was frightened of that which he could not comprehend so he stayed. See the light scared him, for the most part, it was because he never truly felt it’s sting on his dark ridden eyes. He condemned it destructive to all of his kind. Often times, he argued that the light was a creation of the gods destined to bring doom to shadow creatures like himself. Even though he was consumed by darkness, the man of the shadows wasn’t bad. His conscience still cared deeply for the shadow world along with its creatures, and even the monsters beyond his world. He couldn’t quite understand these monsters with what seemed like two hands and two feet whom looked like his but only that they had a tone to their appearance. Sometimes, he would lurk behind the shadows of the night to watch these creatures, they always appeared to turn on each other when the dark clouds hovered over the skies. The more he watched them, the more confusing it all seemed. He would always return to the darkness before dawn to evade the light. Light didn’t determine goodness nor did darkness condemn shadow creatures to evil. The shadow creature, though made out of darkness, was pure and free of bad intentions.

Curious as ever, he couldn’t stand condemning all light creatures to evil, but fear still stood in the way. He didn’t know what the consequence would come to be, was he to decide on staying till dawn. Nights went by as he drowned in his curiosity and a thirst to be in the know, but never dared to act on his curiosity. Dawn was approaching fast as he stood up to head back into the darkness when he heard the screams of a strange creature, it’s voice was melodious and sharp, easily soothing but at the same time trembling as sounded filled with fear. He repositioned himself to get a better sight of the scene. She was beautiful with big brown eyes and her hair, brown, long and dangling in curls above her waist. The shadow creature saw fear in her eyes as she was staring ahead, his sight swayed to the direction she was looking towards. There he was, another creature approaching her very hastily with what seemed like a sharp object, a dagger. The shadow creature understood what fear looked and felt like, so he was able to comprehend the situation almost very quick. The sun is already rising in the east, the light was blinding, so much so that he began to feel a burning sensation in his eyes. To turn away and avoid the light or save that gracious creature from harm, he contemplated as he stepped away from the light. Halfway into the complete darkness, his conscience betrayed his fear. He had to make a decision that seems life threatening to save a gracious creature from a fearful situation. He found himself turning away from the darkness without even realising. As he leapt into the light, he had his eyes shut using his heightened sense of hearing to follow the sharp screams of the gracious creature. He felt an uncomfortable sensation soaring through him but he kept on going. Upon his arrival on the scene, he sensed forces of good and bad and immediately acknowledged the presence of hostility from the creature with a dagger and a will to eliminate it. With the power invested in him, he defeated evil and grabbed the hands of the gracious creature heading towards the darkness. Confused and still frightened, the gracious creature tried to pull back from him while his eyes were still shut. They both came to a halt. She then stepped towards him tilting his chin so they’re facing each other. Drowning in silence, the gracious creature observed his features, there she was standing in front of a creature she grew up hearing a lot about, just that he wasn’t the monster the books mentioned, in fact the shadow creature saved her life. Bemused, she asked for his name, and when he kept silent, she offered a few kind words of gratitude for his bravery. The shadow creature stood in shock, this gracious creature of the light wasn’t as the tales told. She was kind and her vibrant energy, infectious. The gracious creature sensed fear in him, because she knew that shadow creatures never came out to the light. She attempted to calm him, by slowly stroking his face with her hands. At first, he shivered at the feel of her palms on his cheeks, then he calmed his nerves. Few moments later, he gently opened up his eyes while twitching. They both stood so frozen staring into each other’s eyes. See, their world’s instilled fear of the other in them, but their ignorance made them accept those fears.