See, we came from nothing to chains then from chains we broke through. And even though we, my father and yours , won the battle, we ended up losing the war because what they bore were single blinded by their surroundings. See when I say chains, close your eyes and imagine your mind shackled in chains and my brother, I tell you mental chains are even harder to break away from because it’s existence is unacknowledged so the will couldn’t possibly exist. But thing is, if your mind could imagine those shackles then you would be aware of the on-goings, a mind that can’t imagine the chains is a mind so restrained by it that it has nothing to break off from.
When I say Chains , I mean that which comes from hate and grudges trapping oneself in despair of their own creation.

Chains from infatuations, lust & obsessions mistaken for what love truly is. So you stay , no matter how bad he hits you

Chains , pressuring our women to conform to societal beauty standards,   so we cake up and skip meals 
Chains from a strayed belief system because you’ve been conditioned to not ask questions.

Chains from blind patriotism, choosing borders over humanity.

Chains from plain injustices of the system because we’ve learnt to turn the other cheek, you don’t see , hear nor do you speak .
Chains from crooked political sentiments and affiliations 
Chains from unending and unfulfillable economic pursuits, the more we have the more we aggressively strive to earn more and the carousel never stops turning. 


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