Marriage: A partnership or a dictatorship ? 

There is a great misconception about marriage today driven by a medieval culturally induced train of thought, one you would think a progressive society in this age would’ve abolished by now. The assumption that women have to give up everything while men reserve any sacrifice on the basis of being the breadwinner, ” The man ” like being a woman naturally translates to being less of a person, It doesn’t. It is not compulsory for any woman out there to give up anything in her life unless she wills it. The belief that a woman HAS to while a man is left with a choice in itself creates a turbulent foundation in any marriage, For marriage is a partnership, an agreement on every single issue by both parties not a dictatorship where a man ultimately owns the upper hand. A man that is threatened by an ambitious woman is one with an inferiority complex, a lazy man that doesn’t want to be pushed to be better, a man that wants less because it’s convenient and easily tameable, an authoritarian only invested in exerting power from his weakened woman. When you directly or indirectly force a woman to become less than she is destined to be, less than she so profusely wants to be then you’re shutting off a bright light inside of her forever, never to be rekindled. She will live but never to be fulfilled, she’ll be patient enough to stay but by never reaching that self actualisation level in her life, her man won’t either. 
So ask yourself, what kind of marriage are you getting yourself into ? A partnership bonded by love, trust and respect or a dictatorship based on command and execution, no questions asked. Either way, your choices carve your destiny, your kind of marriage.