Drunken and distraught, wide awake, teetering off sanity’s pave 

The hard liquor bottle turns clear 

Nearing emptiness, of soul and rocks   

Pain that lingers 

Anew with the last chug 

Icy floor, face down drowning in tears and sweat,

Bruised and broken 

Bloodied by a fist so mighty and raw 

Strangled by a mute reality 

A reverse of a parallel universe 

A past irreversible 

Fast rewind to right before the muscle tension 

Before the limb landed 

Before the rumble between two stars 

The explosion of the expelled now dead star 

Choking off the missed lanes 

Wrong turns,

Noosed in staring down at a pool of regret 

Compressed airways, 

Withering breath,

Twitching feet,

Circling ’round a live cemetery ,

Momentary respite,

a note slips from the grip

As she finds release


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