Amidst Lost Chapters

Maybe this is where I belong 

Amongst shattered dreams and denied hopes 

Scourging heat and heavy falls 

Abject poverty and closed roads 

Decimated paths and broken hearts 

A place where eyes do not meet 

So guilt remains grounded 

And pain leaves a trace in the stares of the forsaken 

Masked faces that need no burden 

Unworthy of humanity’s unraveling 

Stones their hearts remain 

A place where they pluck the petals and lay the thorns as they match on

Bellies expand 

Not enough roses to fill the void 

Like an oversized pair of jeans 

Stunned by anorexic egos 

A place where they chase out the truth to paint over with coated mistruths

Reality dismissed 

And God takes the fall for their absurdities

Thunder that never strikes 

Like a myth an ending becomes.