Foregone Howls

Memories that ring true
Of yesterdays,

a stream of recollections sieving through

a First of recurring blows placed

on the occipital core,

The shatter post contact still rings slow

After that and so many more,

A scheme to entrench discipline through and thorough,

Damaged the might of a few squabbling cubs

Buried within layers of secrecy

A cover for a tainted reality

Of a past blistering man’s dignity

Awash with coated fantasies

Of exploits unbarring great misfortunes

Hastens the traces of unforgiving hearts

In anguish unleashing it’s forbidden traits

Tomorrows always come to be

Drenched in short spans of its past

Recollections chipped away with winds that run south

With every passing full moon,

The howls fade to the glistening grace of meteors

Till the nights run silent

And the forest embraces the passing of its agony.


Seep Through This

A tiredness that rips through cores


arresting the shrugs of movement


Trapped by a bearing unletting

Of a world free and restless

Muted and unforgiving

For each day watered down

Pains of labour unhealed

For Sweat turned futile

State of mind Unhinged

For drops turned crystal

To pieces as it kisses ground

Feelings that lay barren

Of a lover’s rejection

Or a sour conviction

Condemned the unrequited

To life in solitudinal grief

Dear Mama,

Do not resound this curse

Lower the pace of your heartbreak

For blossoms do not bloom all year

For Seeds are sown to revolt against their roots

Cradled rebellion from inception

Seep through this too