Marching to pay our respects

Pleading with the drums of our foot steps

To let the silence absolve those that have fallen

Just as the wind whispers sweep ashes back to Open Seas

Of a melody that wounded hearts

Heavier than the weight of the Makara carried on their backs

A daunting melancholy for their weeps bore salty lakes

But it’s not a sadness that is borne out of their passing

But of great sacrifice that’s altered destined misfortunes

For that, our warriors rest in the eternity of their valour

At the temples,

Hordes of young faces swarm the gates

Through dark clouds and windy storms

For each, a prayer for those who fought

For a future to be glossed in prosperity

For the prisoners of conscious forgotten and buried at the back of our hearts

To us, yet to carry the baton to rebuild upon ashes of war and destitution

To pave way to a new Dawn

“Original Oil Painting by Matthew Bates”


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