Shame as the weight of your sins

A burden that pins the knees aground

Slumping below dimmed stars

The clouded skies still all that moves

Birthing a muteness that pierces the earth

What must you tell your men ?

A load you carry deservingly

Blames you must honour

In battle so bloody and raw

Your shield you laid down

Arrows shot from behind as you gazed into the twinkles in the eyes of man

Brightened smiles were no white flags

Now you stand wasted as they float on stained soils

The remains of an undignified wretch

Gallantry dissipates

A broken soul you rose from the ashes of might

Naked you stand before those clothed in hidden sin

How must you look to your reflection as you wash down the stains of your misdeed ?

The lakes, they frown upon your gaze

Your presence they shun for that which you cleanse through them unearthed a darkness.


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