Chains, Chains all around me.

See, we came from nothing to chains then from chains we broke through. And even though we, my father and yours , won the battle, we ended up losing the war because what they bore were single blinded by their surroundings. See when I say chains, close your eyes and imagine your mind shackled in chains and my brother, I tell you mental chains are even harder to break away from because it’s existence is unacknowledged so the will couldn’t possibly exist. But thing is, if your mind could imagine those shackles then you would be aware of the on-goings, a mind that can’t imagine the chains is a mind so restrained by it that it has nothing to break off from.
When I say Chains , I mean that which comes from hate and grudges trapping oneself in despair of their own creation.

Chains from infatuations, lust & obsessions mistaken for what love truly is. So you stay , no matter how bad he hits you

Chains , pressuring our women to conform to societal beauty standards,   so we cake up and skip meals 
Chains from a strayed belief system because you’ve been conditioned to not ask questions.

Chains from blind patriotism, choosing borders over humanity.

Chains from plain injustices of the system because we’ve learnt to turn the other cheek, you don’t see , hear nor do you speak .
Chains from crooked political sentiments and affiliations 
Chains from unending and unfulfillable economic pursuits, the more we have the more we aggressively strive to earn more and the carousel never stops turning. 


What Lies Beneath The Shadows 

He lived in the shadows for all he could remember, he was frightened of that which he could not comprehend so he stayed. See the light scared him, for the most part, it was because he never truly felt it’s sting on his dark ridden eyes. He condemned it destructive to all of his kind. Often times, he argued that the light was a creation of the gods destined to bring doom to shadow creatures like himself. Even though he was consumed by darkness, the man of the shadows wasn’t bad. His conscience still cared deeply for the shadow world along with its creatures, and even the monsters beyond his world. He couldn’t quite understand these monsters with what seemed like two hands and two feet whom looked like his but only that they had a tone to their appearance. Sometimes, he would lurk behind the shadows of the night to watch these creatures, they always appeared to turn on each other when the dark clouds hovered over the skies. The more he watched them, the more confusing it all seemed. He would always return to the darkness before dawn to evade the light. Light didn’t determine goodness nor did darkness condemn shadow creatures to evil. The shadow creature, though made out of darkness, was pure and free of bad intentions.

Curious as ever, he couldn’t stand condemning all light creatures to evil, but fear still stood in the way. He didn’t know what the consequence would come to be, was he to decide on staying till dawn. Nights went by as he drowned in his curiosity and a thirst to be in the know, but never dared to act on his curiosity. Dawn was approaching fast as he stood up to head back into the darkness when he heard the screams of a strange creature, it’s voice was melodious and sharp, easily soothing but at the same time trembling as sounded filled with fear. He repositioned himself to get a better sight of the scene. She was beautiful with big brown eyes and her hair, brown, long and dangling in curls above her waist. The shadow creature saw fear in her eyes as she was staring ahead, his sight swayed to the direction she was looking towards. There he was, another creature approaching her very hastily with what seemed like a sharp object, a dagger. The shadow creature understood what fear looked and felt like, so he was able to comprehend the situation almost very quick. The sun is already rising in the east, the light was blinding, so much so that he began to feel a burning sensation in his eyes. To turn away and avoid the light or save that gracious creature from harm, he contemplated as he stepped away from the light. Halfway into the complete darkness, his conscience betrayed his fear. He had to make a decision that seems life threatening to save a gracious creature from a fearful situation. He found himself turning away from the darkness without even realising. As he leapt into the light, he had his eyes shut using his heightened sense of hearing to follow the sharp screams of the gracious creature. He felt an uncomfortable sensation soaring through him but he kept on going. Upon his arrival on the scene, he sensed forces of good and bad and immediately acknowledged the presence of hostility from the creature with a dagger and a will to eliminate it. With the power invested in him, he defeated evil and grabbed the hands of the gracious creature heading towards the darkness. Confused and still frightened, the gracious creature tried to pull back from him while his eyes were still shut. They both came to a halt. She then stepped towards him tilting his chin so they’re facing each other. Drowning in silence, the gracious creature observed his features, there she was standing in front of a creature she grew up hearing a lot about, just that he wasn’t the monster the books mentioned, in fact the shadow creature saved her life. Bemused, she asked for his name, and when he kept silent, she offered a few kind words of gratitude for his bravery. The shadow creature stood in shock, this gracious creature of the light wasn’t as the tales told. She was kind and her vibrant energy, infectious. The gracious creature sensed fear in him, because she knew that shadow creatures never came out to the light. She attempted to calm him, by slowly stroking his face with her hands. At first, he shivered at the feel of her palms on his cheeks, then he calmed his nerves. Few moments later, he gently opened up his eyes while twitching. They both stood so frozen staring into each other’s eyes. See, their world’s instilled fear of the other in them, but their ignorance made them accept those fears.

Yemen, More To It Than Just Bullets

I was seated in the movies watching fast 7 when I realised I was part of the bigger problem. In that moment, my problems went away and by my problems I don’t mean my personal problems but the overwhelming feeling that arises when I think of my country burning, going up in flames. After realising I had a smile on my face, I felt guilty of being happy when over 500 Yemenis have been killed in 11 days. Thing is, we forget about those suffering because we don’t know what it feels like to be in a war zone, to fear for our lives every single minute that passes, we don’t know what it’s like to feel hunger due to food shortages, we don’t know what it’s like to be wounded with no one to attend to us, we don’t know what it feels like to have to live in the dark and heat or cold because our power lines have been blown off. Like I once said to a friend of mine when she told me she doesn’t follow the news because it makes her sad, I told her to imagine over a billion others that ignore the news because they didn’t wanna feel down , or because it isn’t their people so it doesn’t concern them. And if only that billion changed their perspective from ” Me ”  ” My People ” to ” Our world ” and cared like their families were burning on the other side of the globe then we would have a billion more fighting for peace. Our world is crumbling into pieces, from Palestine to Kenya, From Nigeria to Yemen, from Burma to Ukraine. And this will not change till we learn to care for them as our people because we are human beings of the same specie. It doesn’t matter where they are from because they are people suffering and they are my people regardless of their race, religion or continent.
  Yemen might not be my birthplace but it is home. It is home because when I think about it, I think of love and the smiles I get from old people and children playing on the streets. Yemen taught me to spread my love farther into the seas, crossing borders and boundaries into multiple cities around the world, keeping it going. Yemen does not want your politics, it does not need your power struggle, it does not need your guns and missiles, it does not need your drones, it does not need to be your playground for a proxy war but your love, your roses, your prayers and well wishes. It’s been a long time Yemen but I promise I will see you again and peace will come. Peace and love trumps your bullets, your politics and destructive ideologies. Yemen will see peace when we exchange our bullets for roses , our rockets for smiles and our shields for love. Yemen will see peace again. Yemen will see peace again because it truly means more than just bullets and grenades but love and kindness.

Beyond Time

The beauty which we fail to see, the beauty we miss every day and night as we go about our business, the beauty we are blinded to. Just like a first kiss, my heart skips a beat whenever i watch this intoxicating time lapse video beyond time.


2000 souls were snatched away so brutally last week in one killing spree by the ever so evil Boko Haram members. Bodies piled up across the town of Baga in Maiduguri. Women, children for God’s sake and our men. Why has the world ignored the massacre in Baga ? Is it not newsworthy ?. Two thousand African souls and the world does not even bet an eye because African lives don’t matter. But that’s nothing new to us. Our own democratically elected president still hasn’t commented on the atrocious attack. Oh ! but he had lots of time on his hand to condemn the recently heinous attacks carried out by gunmen in France. Why should the world care when our own people don’t acknowledge the bodies piling up on our streets. Not one, or ten but 2000 people were killed, in the most ruthless way imaginable.

This has become a reality in Nigeria, new explosions and massacres every other day. You might ask what exactly the government is doing to tackle this bloody issue, well I’ll tell you , absolutely nothing, because it’s all about pushing campaign funds for their re-election this February. The same government that charged our under-equipped soldiers with mutiny to be executed by a firing squad for not embarking on a suicide mission to launch an offensive against the well-equipped Boko Haram terrorists. Our 234 girls are still not back to us and i promise you we will not get them back if we’re relying on the current GEJ administration. They are being used as suicide bombers in the Northern region of Nigeria. But do not worry, they will set up committees to look into the issue, always trust them to find new ways to embezzle Nigerian funds. This is not even the most of it. I am angry, furious and you should be too, so as long as you have a soul in you.

Oh Nigeria ! where are we headed ?

How many more people are we willing to sacrifice ?

When will we start caring enough to take a stand ?

Are we waiting for our families to be slaughtered before we act out ?

These so-called leaders of our nation hate us, it’s mutual. Its time for change. Its time to protect our children. Its time to protect our brothers and sisters across Nigeria, from the South to the East stretching out to the North. We are stronger together and we shall triumph over this evil that is, Boko Haram.

Muslim Not Alien , Just Muslim

Most of us “ Muslims “ are really just like you. Trying to get through college, hoping to get a nice paying job that we actually like , or not. I mean who ever ends up with a job they actually like, very few if you ask me. But that’s not the point i am trying to make here. See , most Muslims just want to settle down in the nearest future, probably have a kid or two. Others are just trying to provide for their families. There is nothing alien about who we are or how we live our lives. We’re very normal human beings, breathing, trying to get through the day just like you, only that we put all of our faith in Allah while at it. Never forget that there are over 1.7 billion Muslims around the world, judging all of us based on the wrongful acts of a few extremists/terrorists ( if you want to call them that ) , which i have to point out, has nothing to do with Islam, is just a little ( maybe not a little ) superficial. Its one very effective way of spreading hate and prejudice. Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.55.23 PM

Let The Twinkles Touch You

When you feel low , look up to the sky , watch the stars , the universe is far too vast and beautiful beyond comprehension , and in that minute, trying to understand the world , you lose yourself in its beauty and your problems get lost too . Even if it’s for a minute . Just know that it’s going to be alright , just like life and death , just like black and white , just like the light and darkness . Your problems , your troubles , your sadness , your depression , your lost moments change and become the opposite of what they are . And you are happy again . Look forward to the brightest moments even when you’re down because brighter days will come, they are ahead of us , No doubt about that because nothing is static , Nothing.


Open Letter To An Anon

Open Letter To The Lost One,

See if you asked me last year where I saw the two of us ? My answer would probably be living together in some lost city thousands of miles away from the world and everybody we know. I would probably be doing your dirty dishes and laundry because let’s face it, you do get lazy, a lot. But today I know that it wasn’t gonna happen. I always show you indifference towards our separation but that’s not the case. I hate that I miss you, but I guess he loves you more than I do , or so you think. Remember when we used to plan our future with the promise of never breaking apart, most days we did while watching the sunrise, or when we were having those moments , I kept my end of the bargain, but you didn’t because he probably loves you more than I do or so you think. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scarred, hurt deeply, disappointed, crushed , no none of that, I just hate that it had to be you. But I guess he probably loves you more or so you think.

From Peshawar To Radaa, Light Your Candles Up

As we stood in the middle of the university hall, with candles lit in our hands and papers with words that read ” pray for Peshawar “, leaning towards each other for support . 5 minutes of silence was asked of us in solidarity with the victims of insurgencies across Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria and all around the globe. We prayed and prayed, some with their eyes open, the tears kept rushing down their cheeks, while others fought the urge to let it all flow out. Surely, no humanistic religion in the world supports these atrocious and vile acts against humanity.

“They were children”, I kept telling myself, “human beings”. A mother’s loss of a child is beyond any imaginable pain. These children were loved and you snatched their lives away. Mothers, fathers lost their precious little angels. All the pain, all the horror, all the tragedy. Bullets flew and pierced their body organs, bombs went off and annihilated their normal human forms and after you were done, you left them drowning in their own cold blood. These children are , were the leaders of tomorrow but you didn’t care ,and if you killed them off hundreds after hundreds then all hope in humanity would be completely lost, not that there is any left. We have failed them, our leaders have failed to protect them. I wish I could do more to help save the children of the world, we all do, though we are but powerless, our prayers will not go in vain.

Before we were Pakistanis , Yemenis , Nigerians , Americans or Mexicans. Before we were Muslims , Christians or atheists, we were human beings first and if we do not realize that and care for one another then our humanity is forever lost. Our sole purpose of living is diminished and we become nothing other than the walking dead. So, light your candles up in solidarity with the victims and say a prayer.

Breaking Down Walls And Building Bridges

A few moments ago, I went looking for this course mate of mine, whom is also a good friend. We were meant to study for a test that was due to commence 2 hours later. Anyway, I walked into the computer lab and there she was, sitting with 4 other girls of different nationalities. I said hello to each and every one of them and sat down. I was amazed to find them talking about the tragic event that took place in Peshawar yesterday because girls, well especially the ones in my school just don’t talk about the global occurring events. As we were discussing the issue, we all condemned the vile acts of these terrorists that massacred over 132 innocent children in Peshawar yesterday and offered our deepest prayers. From there, we went on discussing politics and then religion. Two of us were Muslims , while other two were Christian Catholics and a Hindu. We spoke about how many of these invalid causes were as a result of misinterpretations in Islam. At first, all the other girls with little background about Islam seemed confused, asking questions about jihad and its sole meaning. Myself and the other Muslim girl made sure we explained the facts of it to our best of knowledge which left them in awe. The Catholics then went on to discuss the numerous allegations made against the last Pope that forced him to step down and also, the appointment of the new pope who turned out to be very saintly and incorruptible whom forced priests to adjust their high standards of living. And I happened to read an article a week ago, it mentioned that the pope hired a new secretary who found some millions of dollars stashed away and made it public knowledge. The Hindu girl told us about a priest that stole priceless idols from a very popular shrine in India two years ago then died the same day even before the items were discovered to be stolen. The conversation lasted a while.

The reason I decided to write about this amazing experience talking to people of different religious backgrounds, is that I felt something I never really thought about. Even though tolerance is one of my basic principles, I never quite understood the perception of people of different religious beliefs. I sensed intense faith in what they worship and I respected that. I sensed their belief in miracles just like I do, and the same way i denounce shameful acts of my religious counterparts, they did the same too. We all came to an understanding about each others beliefs without raising our voices or trying so hard to shove down our religion down the other person’s throats. It’s quite remarkable how much a group of people can achieve through peaceful dialogue and understanding, through lack of judgement and or belittling of one’s faith.